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About me


AbouT me

My name is Marta, I am the owner of HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY STUDIO!

My name is Marta, I am the owner of HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY STUDIO. I can assure you that my brand is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. The best quality products of premium brands. The QUALITY of the services provided is my priority. WORK IS MY PASSION. I am a qualified and certified stylist of hair extension and thickening LEVEL MASTER. He works on a new ultrasound technology with infrared called INFRALIGHT and a modern LASERSONIC machine. I am the first person in Ireland to initiate these methods. They rank first among the HAIR BEAUTY machines in the world. Hollywood Beauty is a professional studio based on modern techniques and technologies. THE ONLY PLACE OF THIS IN IRELAND!!! Professional nourishing, regenerating and straightening treatments. I am a beginner and developing trichology, I have a diploma, but I continue to develop in the subject through training from the best experts in the world. Trichology is a field dealing with the subject of hair, scalp and various diseases related to their functioning. It is worth remembering that the condition of our hair is also influenced by the condition of the scalp !!! Do you have thin, weak, damaged hair, with a tendency to crumble or fall out? Your hair is not growing? Would you like your hairstyle to resemble the hair of Hollywood stars?
Do you want to know more? Still have questions? Write to me and I will gladly dispel all doubts and make your dream hair for you.
HB by Marta

HB by Marta
Hollywood Beauty

By Marta