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Skalp treatment

  /    /  Skalp treatment

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most effective scalp care treatments. It inhibits hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. Deeply regenerates, rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure. The treatment involves injecting individually selected nutrients directly into the deep layers of the skin.

Stops hair loss
Effective in the fight against alopecia
Accelerates hair regrowth
Thickens and thickens the hair
It stimulates blood circulation and improves blood supply to the scalp
Revitalizes the hair follicles
Nourishes the scalp
Strengthens hair before and after transplantation.

Deep revitalization and mineralization of the hair
Increasing the thickness of the stem and the size of the bellows
Extending the life phases of the hair and stimulating its growth
Counteracting hair loss and excessive hair loss
Improving the blood supply to the scalp

Alopecia and hair thinning
Dry, irritated and flaky scalp
Brittle and brittle hair in bad condition
Improving the blood supply to the scalp
Prevention of dandruff and oily scalp
Skin eczema and seborrheic dermatitis

🌼Microneedle mesotherapy is performed using a special device designed for microneedling, equipped with a sterile, disposable head containing microneedles. It consists in adequately deep, intense and very dense puncturing of the skin in order to stimulate its cells, increase blood supply and create a network of microchannels with the use of needles. As a result of their formation, the active substances contained in the preparations applied during the treatment get into the hair follicles. It is very important that micro-punctures in the skin also stimulate the skin’s natural auto-renewal abilities. The combination of microneedling and a highly concentrated regenerating cocktail causes the immediate and optimal transport of active ingredients, which allows to achieve a highly effective therapeutic effect, unattainable by other methods. The use of active ingredients on the base of the hair follicle contributes to the growth of healthier hair and extends the growth phase of the hair’s life cycle. The treatment increases the amount and density of hair and provides the hair bulbs with the right amount of nutrients.

🌼Oxybrasion is a gentle exfoliation of the epidermis with the use of pure oxygen and saline under high pressure. The treatment is non-invasive and can be performed even with the most sensitive or vascular skin. Oxybrasion is performed “wet” due to the use of saline, which softens the epidermis and soothes. Oxygen has healing properties, accelerates healing and regeneration, increases cellular metabolism, and improves the condition of the skin and hair. The scalp is highly oxygenated and cleansed. The treatment restores the skin’s hydro-lipid balance, provides hydration, kills anaerobic bacteria, accelerates healing and regeneration, reduces inflammation, improves skin microcirculation, stimulating the hair follicles. After the treatment, the hair follicles are unblocked and deeply oxygenated. The condition of the skin and hair is improved. The treatment is recommended in the case of seborrhea, dandruff, hair loss, dry scalp and irritated skin.

🌼Cavitation is a treatment that cleanses the scalp from dead cells, impurities and excess sebum. The treatment uses ultrasounds that thoroughly cleanse of impurities. Cavitation peeling has antibacterial, antifungal and sebo-regulating properties. It clears the mouth of the hair follicles, stimulates blood circulation in the skin and increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the hair follicles. Recommended series of treatments – once a week to obtain the effect of cleansing the scalp.

dry and oily dandruff
combining with other procedures, e.g. scalp mesotherapy

🌼 Oxygen infusion is an effective method of introducing highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin in the form of a serum and therapy with pure oxygen, suitably concentrated and compressed. Concentrated active ingredients in the form of a serum are pumped with oxygen into the deep layers of the skin. The effects of oxygen infusion of the scalp are certainly: greater hair growth, strength and elasticity, stimulation of cell renewal, as well as hair regeneration. Oxygen infusion has many other benefits as well.

Scalp seborrhea, oily hair
Dry oily dandruff
Itchy scalp
Hair drooping, deprived of vitality
Hair loss

🌼Darsonval One of the methods of improving the condition of hair and scalp is darsonval. It is a device that uses high-frequency current. As a result, the tissues are slightly heated, which leads to improved circulation and better blood supply to the hair follicles

Reduction of itching,
Reduction of seborrhea of ​​the scalp,
Acceleration of hair growth processes,
Inhibition of the amount of hair loss,
Reducing inflammation on the scalp,
Antiseptic, antibacterial and fungal properties – thanks to the ozone generated,
Improving the condition of the hair and scalp

🌼Led Therapy is based on the Low Level Laser Therapy technology,
which by increasing the blood supply to the scalp and hair bulbs, it stimulates hair growth. The unique laser light penetrates deep skin tissues, where it stimulates microcirculation, supports cell metabolism and protein synthesis.
It provides better blood supply to the hair bulb, reduces irritation and energizes dying cells, leading to the growth of thicker and healthy hair. It brings relief in scalp problems. It heals inflammation of the scalp. It stimulates our hair to grow, improves the condition of the hair like
also the hair roots and scalp.