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🌼The innovative combination of ultrasonic technology with infrared light allowed to create very small dimensions and at the same time extremely durable connections.
This method is an effective replacement for pre-glued (keratin) extension systems.

🌼The procedure is performed in a completely non-invasive manner, using a modern device emitting ultrasonic waves, which enable the creation of permanent attachments of hair extensions.

🌼The Infralight method offers many possibilities of performing the procedure. The strands can be attached with many different substances, such as Italian keratin or the very flexible Kerawax.

🌼The infrared device that emits ultrasound works pointwise and very precisely, thanks to which the connections of the extensions are invisible. No need to heat the device to high temperatures ensures comfort and protection of the hair during the treatment.

🌼An amazing advantage of thickening the hair with this method is also the possibility of making connections in various shapes and sizes. The technology allows for the formation of joints not only flat, but also oval.

🌼Bindings made for Infralight are even 2 times smaller than traditional methods!
The method is recommended for all hair types, even for thin and delicate natural hair.

💛Infralight is a method that guarantees:

✔Strong yet discreet at the same time, combining natural hair with extensions

✔Wearing comfort

✔A modern device that is safe for the hair structure

✔Infralight can be used even on very thin hair.